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Antipodes Audio is located at Raumati Beach, in New Zealand, and the term 'the Antipodes' refers to our corner of the world.

The word Antipodes means two polar opposite things and the English labelled Australia and New Zealand 'the Antipodes' because we are at the other end of the world from them. The word when pronounced has four syllables, an-tip-o-des, not an-ti-podes, and is pronounced more like this an-tip-uh-deez.

Antipodes Audio began in 2004, selling cables worldwide, using wire we manufacture ourselves, all-cotton insulation, and radically different cable geometries. Our music servers launched in 2011. Today, our music server business and our cable business operate independently, with separate management and separate channels to market.

The emphasis is on sound quality, with a preference for achieving openness and immediacy, without any hint of unnatural aggression. This is what we hear when we listen to real music and we believe it lets the music speak for itself.

While we have decades of experience in signal transmission industries and electrical engineering, we don't think the accepted science gets anywhere near identifying what kind of distortions get in the way most with a human's ability to enjoy reproduced music. The science often tells us a thing can not make a difference, when we can establish a clear difference in blind tests. So our approach is strict scientific experimentation, avoiding deductive or inductive leaps without verification, and our main measurements are the emotional reactions of an independent listening panel of local audiophiles.


We only collect sufficient information to be able to complete sales, provide money back guarantees and warranties.

We retain your email address and emails to us, but do not direct market our products to you using unsolicited email unless you have opted to be added to a mailing list. We will delete you from any mailing list upon emailed request.

Any direct sales are completed via Paypal payment, or using Paypal as merchant service provider for credit card payments, or by bank transfer, and so we never handle your sensitive bank or credit card details.

Such information as is collected about you will not be used for any other purpose or supplied to any other person or organisation unless required to by law or for the purpose of exercising Antipodes Audio's legal rights.

If you have any concerns about information we hold about you, please contact us.

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Please contact us using one of the email links at left. If you do not have an email client installed on your device you can use the contact form below. Please use your real name so that your spam filter does not block our reply, make sure your email is typed accurately so we can reply, and choose a subject that allows you to recognise what our reply is about.

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