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Antipodes DX Generation 3 Debuts At RMAF 2017

The Antipodes DX Generation 3 was chosen by TIDAL Audio's Premium Dealer The Voice That Is to provide the digital source for a full TIDAL Audio system at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

Antipodes DX Generation 3 Debuts At RMAF 2017 With TIDAL
EDGE & CORE Reviewed by Dave Clark - Positive Feedback
Positive Feedback

Dave Clark has taken on the huge task of reviewing the EDGE used as both server and renderer, the CORE used as both server and renderer, and the CORE + EDGE solution where the CORE is used as server and the EDGE as renderer and playing together. We are sure readers will be interested in the sound quality pecking order identified and the description of the key differences.

Dave promises to get to the bottom of further permutations in a follow-up.

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CORE Reviewed By Anthony Kershaw - Audiophilia

Audiophilia has published the first review of an Antipodes V4 product, the Antipodes CORE Music Server, and written by that magazine's editor-in-chief Anthony Kershaw. The CORE received the Audiophilia Star Component Award.

" ..dynamics can be staggeringly loud (not constricted) or ridiculously soft. Even when playing very quietly, instruments do not lose the center of their sound; their timbre is left intact. Try clarinets throughout Firebird or Petrouchka as demonstration.

"Weight, slam, definition, too, are all there as they are with most well designed digital kit. But it's the clarity of musical purpose the CORE allows that inspires the playing of file after file rather than LP after LP. Everything sounds very refined, in its place, just as it should as very discerning audiophiles expect.

"Before CORE, I'd been playing LPs nonstop and yet CORE has reaffirmed my faith in digital playback. It's a star in anyone's audio system. Very highly recommended."

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V4 Upgrades

We are reluctantly delaying the V4 upgrades until late January 2018.

Demand for the DX3 and CORE has been extremely high over the last six weeks and we risk running out of stock well before our next run of the V4 boards if we continue with the upgrade program. Our V4 boards are made specifically for us by a specialist team inside the industry's leading computer technology manufacturer. The runs done for us are scheduled at 3 monthly intervals and we will more than double the size of the run in early January, but we simply underestimated demand at the last run and have to change our plans.

To make sure your upgrade can be completed in the next quarter, we advise you to contact your nearest service center to book your upgrade early. We apologise for not being able to carry through with the upgrades as originally planned, but we thank all you new owners of V4 Antipodes products for the overwhelming support we have received since we launched these new models.

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