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Antipodes DX Generation 3 Debuts At RMAF 2017

The Antipodes DX Generation 3 was chosen by TIDAL Audio's Premium Dealer The Voice That Is to provide the digital source for a full TIDAL Audio system at the 2017 Rocky Mountain Audio Festival.

Antipodes DX Generation 3 Debuts At RMAF 2017 With TIDAL
CORE Reviewed By Anthony Kershaw - Audiophilia

Audiophilia has published the first review of an Antipodes V4 product, the Antipodes CORE Music Server, and written by that magazine's editor-in-chief Anthony Kershaw. The CORE received the Audiophilia Star Component Award.

" ..dynamics can be staggeringly loud (not constricted) or ridiculously soft. Even when playing very quietly, instruments do not lose the center of their sound; their timbre is left intact. Try clarinets throughout Firebird or Petrouchka as demonstration.

"Weight, slam, definition, too, are all there as they are with most well designed digital kit. But it's the clarity of musical purpose the CORE allows that inspires the playing of file after file rather than LP after LP. Everything sounds very refined, in its place, just as it should as very discerning audiophiles expect.

"Before CORE, I'd been playing LPs nonstop and yet CORE has reaffirmed my faith in digital playback. It's a star in anyone's audio system. Very highly recommended."

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V4 Upgrades

The introduction of the Antipodes V4 platforms is the most significant technology event in our 13 year history. The first V4 product launched was the CORE, using the V4H high-power circuit, and the CORE has been joined by the the DX Gen3, launched on 6 October 2017, that uses the V4X medium-power circuit.

Our next step is to begin the upgrade programs for owners of DS and DX servers. This is a large undertaking and we appreciate your patience. All available information can be gained here first, and we recommend you join our mailing list if you want to know the instant we publish updates. As soon as a phase begins (see the timetable), you can contact your nearest service centre for pricing and process information.

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Phase 1

Phase 1 begins on 16 October 2017. This phase only applies to upgrading recent DX2 to DX3. The DX2 that can be upgraded in this phase have a thick bottom plate and grooved side panels as below. All other DX models will be upgradable in November 2017. If your DX qualifies for upgrade in this first phase then please get in contact with your nearest service centre to enquire about process and pricing. We don't know how many of you will be wanting this upgrade and so stocks of parts are limited, so if you are keen on this upgrade you may need to be quick.

Latest DX2
Upgrade Timetable

Parts for these upgrades are being manufactured in finite quantities. Depending on the level of demand for the upgrades we may run out of parts and not be able to upgrade your product. So we recommend that you act early, as soon as the upgrade process and prices are announced for the upgrade relevant to you. Further batches of upgrade parts may be manufactured again if there is sufficient demand, but over time the ability get one of these upgrades will cease.

Full details of what is included in the upgrade, the process, additional options and pricing will be available close to the time that the upgrades become available.

6 October 2017 - The DX Gen3 was launched.

16 October 2017 - Upgrades of recent model DX to DX Gen3 become available and pricing announced. This applies only to versions of the DX using the 6mm thick alloy bottom plate shown in pictures of the DX on this website.

23 October 2017 - Upgrades for ALL DS to DS-X become available and pricing announced.

23 October 2017 - Upgrades for recent model DS (models with heatsink fins on the side panels) to DS Core become available and pricing announced.

November 2017 (TBA) - Upgrades for ALL other DX to DX Gen3 become available and pricing announced.

All upgrades need to be performed by one of our four certified service centres, in New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Each service centre sets its own prices to take account of freight, duties, clearance and sales tax issues in its region. The service centres obtain the necessary parts from Antipodes Audio and can offer you additional upgrades such as to storage and operating systems.