Latest News: Now In The USA

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand since 2004
Antipodes Audio products are now available in the USA
Distributed by Antipodes Audio Americas LLC, NY.

About Antipodes Audio

Antipodes Audio was founded by Mark Jenkins in 2004, with the launch of its unique cables. In 2009 Antipodes Audio began research and development into digital sources, and began marketing its Linux based music servers late in 2011.

The most fundamental characteristics of Antipodes Audio are its focus on open-minded rigorous experimentation, and its focus on enabling music to evoke emotional responses in the listener. The human enjoyment of music is all about the way it evokes emotions in us - music has no other purpose. All of the design insights in Antipodes Audio products are verified in double-blind testing - but our expert listening panel is asked only one question “are you enjoying the music more, or less?”

It has been our readiness to experiment with what should not work, as much as with what should work, and relating the findings to the neuroscience of how the ear/brain/emotion system works, that has led to our biggest breakthroughs.

The key insight driving our cable designs is our discovery of the importance of time domain accuracy. This drives how we make our wire, how we make our insulation, and most importantly the geometry of the cables. The prevailing science about cable geometry for audio signal transmission is not good enough as soon as you examine the time-domain impacts in real-world systems.

And for music servers it is our discovery that the integrity of the digital signal, not just the data, must be preserved through every step to the DAC. The prevailing science, that all you need to do is preserve the data, and then regenerate the signal in the DAC, simply fails in the reality of high-end audio and it always has.

Heretical?  Maybe.   Backed by rigorous experimentation?  Yes!