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CORE Server & CORE Duet

The Antipodes CORE is built around a very powerful computing engine, for demanding server apps like Roon and for fast response with large music libraries. Therefore the CORE is like an Antipodes EDGE but the higher price adds high computing power to go with the excellent sound. The CORE comes in two variants that deliver the same sound quality level but the Duet includes more functionality than the Server.

The CORE Duet is a high power high-end music server and renderer that will store your music and play directly to a USB DAC. You don't need to use a separate server from a renderer to get the best of both worlds - power and great sound - the Duet delivers both.

The CORE Server excludes renderer functions and is designed to be used with renderers like the EDGE Renderer, Roon Ready DACs and many others. The low-noise design and all linear power supplies of the CORE Server will easily be appreciated compared to using a standard computing device as the server.

Every stage of an Antipodes digital source is designed to minimise electronic noise, and then the whole is fine-tuned to avoid noise nodes (when two noise sources generate a noise peak at the same frequency). Antipodes expertise in this field is what makes our products sound better. Our unique approach means we can avoid the noise filters used in other products. A perfect square wave needs infinite bandwidth, and noise filters inherently limit bandwidth, impairing impulse response, and thereby damaging the fidelity of the digital signal. This is particularly important for high resolution files that require even wider bandwidth. The result is not just digital without the nasties, but music that captures both the life and the subtle expression in music.

The low-noise performance of the CORE benefits the sound of any renderer, and also enables you to locate the CORE in your stereo system - something you would not have contemplated with a high-power computer before the CORE. This is enhanced by the fact that the CORE is completely powered by the exceptional external Antipodes ODAPS linear power supply, keeping switch-mode noise away from your system and out of the signal chain. But in developing the CORE Duet Antipodes has gone one huge step further, achieving a major breakthrough in server design that enables high-end sound quality via USB from a very high-power computing device for the first time.

With the CORE, you can mount external storage, or install your own storage by sliding disks into it (no tools needed). And you can attach any USB optical drive for high-quality auto-ripping. The upgrade from server to duet is delivered online and incurs an upgrade fee. Changes to internal storage require an online service call to setup and optimise the storage. The first installation is free and subsequent changes incur fees.

CORE Configuration

CORE Server

Core Server Use Case


Core Duet Use Case
CORE Specifications
MPD (DLNA Renderer)
HQPlayer NAA
Shairport (Apple Airport Emulation)
USB Output None USB Audio 2.0 Compliant & Supports:
- PCM to 32bit / 768kHz PCM
- DoP to DSD512, Native DSD to DSD512
SYSTEM & FILE STORAGE M.2 Solid State For Operating System, Application Software, Caching & Library Database
User Inserts Up To Two 7mm 2.5" Sata Disks
External Storage On USB Or On A Network Share
All Black
RIPPER APP Attach Any USB CD/DVD Drive To Auto-rip CDs
Retrieves Metadata from Leading Open Internet Repositories
Rips to Uncompressed FLAC
SqueezeBox Server
DLNA Server
SONOS Integration
Plex Media Server
NETWORK Gigabit Ethernet
DS CASE MATERIAL All Aluminium Alloy
COOLING Fanless Passive Cooling
POWER CONSUMPTION Less than 25W while running
External Power Supply in Black Alloy Case
ODAPS All Linear Technology - Optimised For Digital Audio
110-120VAC or 220-240VAC - Voltage is set at the factory and is not switchable
240mm (w) x 215mm (d) x 75mm (h)
9.5in (w) x 8.5in (d) x 3in (h)
195mm (w) x 107mm (d) x 96mm (h)
7.7in (w) x 4.2in (d) x 3.8in (h)
SHIPPING WEIGHT Approx 5.5kg (12lbs)
WARRANTY 24 Months, Extended to 36 Months with Product Registration via Website

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