DS Base
DS Base Trio

The Antipodes DS Base is our entry-level trio (called a trio because it combines Auto-ripper, Server and Renderer functions in a single device), delivering high-end computer audio and a simple to use complete solution. S/PDIF and Analog outputs are provided for convenience, and use of a high quality USB DAC is recommended in order to realise the full benefits of the DS Base.

Every stage of an Antipodes digital source is designed to minimise electronic noise, and then the whole is fine-tuned to avoid noise nodes (when two noise sources generate a noise peak at the same frequency). Antipodes expertise in this field is what makes our products sound better. Our unique approach means we can avoid the noise filters used in other products. A perfect square wave needs infinite bandwidth, and noise filters inherently limit bandwidth, impairing impulse response, and thereby damaging the fidelity of the digital signal. This is particularly important for high resolution files that require even wider bandwidth. The result is not just digital without the nasties, but music that captures both the life and the subtle expression in music.

The DS Base borrows its core technology from the DX, and its system software, application software, database and caching are all on solid state. The DS Base uses spinning hard drives for music storage, but uses the 2.5" laptop format for reduced heat, noise and vibration. The DS Base uses a semi-switched power supply, which has a switched rectification and step-down stage, followed by a linear DC regulation stage.

DS Base Configuration
DS Base Use Case

DS Base Reviews
Digital Audio Review

Digital Audio Review Jan 2016

"The Antipodes DS delivered the promise of digital as I’d never heard before. Well recorded CDs became extraordinary sounding FLAC rips." Ken Micallef

Greatest Bits Award

Audiostream Nov 2015

Michael Lavorgna gave the DS Base Audiostream's Greatest Bits Award.

DS Base Specifications
All Black
RIPPER Auto-rips CDs
Retrieves Metadata from Leading Open Internet Repositories
Rips to Uncompressed FLAC
SqueezeBox Server
DLNA Server
SONOS Integration
Plex Media Server
MPD (DLNA Renderer)
HQPlayer NAA
Shairport (Apple Airport Emulation)
NETWORK Gigabit Ethernet
USB OUTPUT USB Audio 2.0 Compliant & Supports:
- PCM to 32bit / 768kHz PCM
- DoP to DSD512, Native DSD to DSD512
S/PDIF OUTPUT Plays PCM to 24bit 192kHz
Bit Perfect Rates 44.1, 48, 96, 192kHz
Auto Transcoding 88.2 to 96, 176.4 to 196kHz, DSD to PCM
ANALOG OUTPUT Headphone Output On 1/8" Jack
Auxilliary Stereo Audio On L/R RCAs
PROCESSOR CORE Quad Core Celeron
SYSTEM STORAGE Solid State Storage For Operating System, Application Software, Caching & Library Database
MUSIC FILE STORAGE 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB Quiet 2.5" Hard Drive
DS CASE MATERIAL All Aluminium Alloy
COOLING Fanless Passive Cooling
POWER CONSUMPTION Less than 25W while running
POWER SUPPLY External Power Supply Brick in Plastic Case
Switching AC to DC Conversion Stage, with Linear Regulated DC Output Stage
110-120VAC or 220-240VAC - Voltage is set at the factory and is not switchable
DS BASE DIMENSIONS 240mm (w) x 215mm (d) x 87mm (h)
9.5in (w) x 8.5in (d) x 3.5in (h)
PSU DIMENSIONS 125mm (w) x 100mm (d) x 75mm (h)
5in (w) x 4in (d) x 3in (h)
SHIPPING WEIGHT Approx 5.5kg (12lbs) - Varies With Storage
WARRANTY 24 Months, Extended to 36 Months with Product Registration via Website

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