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The following links provide detailed downloadable/printable 'how to' instructions for a range of functions. Note that some of these guides refer to how to use third party software and so may become out of date when the developers change their software, but we endeavour to keep these up to date.

  1. App Switcher
  2. Roon
  3. SqueezeBox
  4. MPD
  5. HQPlayer
  6. MinimServer
  7. BubbleUPnP
  8. Plex Media Server
  9. SONOS Integration
  10. Ripping CDs
  11. Working With Files
  12. Mount External Storage
  13. FLAC Mirror
  14. Storage Backup
  15. Local Storage Info
  16. Network Domain Name
  17. Localization
  18. Install An App
  19. Uninstall An App
  20. Update The Software