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Get Started

The first step is to physically install the server and ensure you can communicate with it over your network. If you have not used an Antipodes music server before, read this section first to understand the basics and complete the physical installation of your server.

Setup A Renderer

The second step is to setup a renderer application that will send the audio signal to your DAC.

Setup Remote Control of The Server

The third step is to setup remote control of the server app that works with your chosen renderer app and that will manage your music library.

Add Music To The Server Library

The last necessary step is to add your music and streaming services to the server application, and then you can start listening to music.

Other Playback Solutions

You can choose to setup one or more other playback solutions at the same time, or as an alternative to the three main playback solutions described above.

Managing Applications

Read this to learn how to update your software and how to easily add or remove applications.

Administration Applications

Your server also comes with a range of admin apps that you may wish to use.