Coming Soon

Antipodes Audio Cables will relaunch in 2018.

The highly-acclaimed audio performance of Antipodes Audio Cables has always been due to the superiority of our proprietary wire. Antipodes began R&D into wire manufacture in 1994 and launched its highly successful line of audio cables worldwide in 2004. Between 2004 and 2016 Antipodes Audio Cables won many awards and many customers. By 2016 we had developed new theory about how wire conducts a music signal and decided to completely revamp our cables.

Instead of building new wire-making plant, we decided to de-commission our existing plant and rebuild it to be able to make the new wire. The plant is a multi-chamber system operated using robotics, controlling the atmosphere, speed and temperature at all stages so that fabrication using high purity silver and using high purity gold forms into wire with ideal crystal and lattice structure for the task of conducting an audio signal. We were never impressed with the sound of so-called long crystal wire and have long believed that the much more important issue is achieving an uncontaminated and open lattice structure within the crystals, and that is what our new wire plant achieves.

Re-building the existing plant for the new wire made economic sense but was always going to take some time to complete, and then test and refine it. After all it took us a decade to build the plant and perfect the process the first time.

We are working towards re-launching Antipodes cables in 2018.