Network Connected

Antipodes Music Servers connect to your Stereo and to your home Network for

Easy Setup & Remote Control using Desktops, Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones

And access to internet music streaming services like TIDAL, QOBUZ, SPOTIFY etc

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

Import Your CDs

The Antipodes DX has an integrated auto-ripper

Or connect a P1 to an EX or CX for auto-ripping

Or connect any USB ripper to a CX or EX server

CDs are imported to the integrated music library

Adding artwork & album details from the internet

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

Copy/Download Music

Use the file management app on any Desktop, Laptop or Tablet

The music server will show up as a file location within the app

Just drag & drop your music files into the server's music library

Or set the download location to the server when downloading

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

Integrate Other Libraries

You can add music files to your library without having to copy them to the server

Just leave the music files where they are - eg. stored on your NAS or your desktop

And simply tell the server to include these music files in its integrated music library

One integrated music library with all your music - available to all the playback apps

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

Music For Your Stereo

Play from your integrated library direct to a DAC via USB

Or play direct using a dedicated Ethernet link to the DAC

The EX can also play an analog signal direct to an amp

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

A Multi-Media Server

At the same time as it is playing beautiful music in your stereo system

The server can be a DLNA/UPnP/OpenHome compliant media server

Playing to DLNA/UPnP/OpenHome compliant devices on your network

Including the ability to act as a music file server for a SONOS system

And acting as a PLEX Media Server to serve your videos and movies

Antipodes Music Server Use Case

Despite All The Features

It Is All About The Music

And Exceptional Fidelity

Antipodes Music Server Use Case