Getting Started

Complete user guides in PDF document form can be viewed or printed from the links at the bottom of this page. To get started quickly, we recommend you view the 'How To' Videos.

If you are an experienced user, you may want to dive straight into using the Antipodes GUI. Connect power and network to your Antipodes, plus USB or Ethernet to your DAC, and then start the server. After a minute, navigate to to display your Antipodes music server. Click on the IP Address or the 'Manage' button to open the Antipodes GUI in a new window.

Complete Server Guides

Click on the guide you need below. The latest guide is large, and the HTML version will load faster. Load the PDF version to be able to download or print the guide. While viewing either version, click on the bookmarks icon to display links to each section for easy navigation. You may need to install a PDF document viewer.

Using The (Latest) Antipodes 2 GUI - HTML Version

Using The (Latest) Antipodes 2 GUI - PDF Version 10MB

Using The (Older) Vortexbox GUI - PDF 1MB